Kumihimo Bangles

Just finished these bangles. Originally they were to be connected to each other with a copper wrap. As it turned out, they were too big for me to do that (they have a very large core inside). To wrap around all three I would have needed to forge a copper wrap about 6 inches long. That was a bit much for my skill level and my equipment. So, I limited myself to a copper wrap on each bangle.

Individually, they work just fine (although the underwrap on one of them could have been a bit wider). These bangles are made with very interesting cotton yarns I got from Habu Textiles.

From Kumihimo

While I was cleaning up some of my kumihimo supplies, I came across another bangle that I hadn’t completed. Found some matching yarn for the wrap and finished that. This bangle is made with Gelli yarn (plastic) and wire.

From Kumihimo

Spring Braiding

This spring my braids appear to belong to the same color family. Interesting, as they were made from two dissimilar and unlikely materials.

Desert Nights is made with raffia, wrapped with a very soft and smooth cotton yarn which was then covered with seed bead bands. I love the way the raffia tassels stand straight out.

From Gallery

Gold and Wisps is made from plastic yarn. It, too, is wrapped in a wonderful soft and smooth cotton yarn and topped with a band of beads. The ‘wisps’ are made with C-Lon (there are just too many things that that wonderful cord can be used for).

From Gallery

I’m happy with them. Now it’s time to start making another braid. Think we’ll deviate from the ‘gold/beige’ family of colors.