Kumihimo Bangles

Just finished these bangles. Originally they were to be connected to each other with a copper wrap. As it turned out, they were too big for me to do that (they have a very large core inside). To wrap around all three I would have needed to forge a copper wrap about 6 inches long. That was a bit much for my skill level and my equipment. So, I limited myself to a copper wrap on each bangle.

Individually, they work just fine (although the underwrap on one of them could have been a bit wider). These bangles are made with very interesting cotton yarns I got from Habu Textiles.

From Kumihimo

While I was cleaning up some of my kumihimo supplies, I came across another bangle that I hadn’t completed. Found some matching yarn for the wrap and finished that. This bangle is made with Gelli yarn (plastic) and wire.

From Kumihimo

Great Fun

When placing an order with my suppliers, I like to browse through the available items rather than doing a ‘quick order’ by just entering the item numbers I need. This can sometimes be very dangerous or lead me to new and wonderful things.

As I was placing my C-Lon order, I came across the new neon colors. Well of course I had to get some. I have visions for using them in kumihimo, embroidery, crochet, macrame, etc., etc. (I’m thinking about a project or two I might do).

From Miscellaneous

Don’t you just love the colors? Clockwise, from top left, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Green and Neon Pink. As the other colors, they are just $3.75 for an 83 yard spool. All the colors I have in stock (over 65) can be found on my website – http://www.patpowelldesigns.com.

More for CHH Sale

From CHH Sale 2013

Another braid for the sale. Have a couple more but you’ll have to go to the sale to see them.

From CHH Sale 2013


Did some loomwork with beads this year. They were great fun to do

Don’t forget – Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston Annual Sale. October 23 – 26, 2013 at Guild House. Check http://www.weavehouston.org for additional details. Hope to see you there

Interwoven V

From Kumihimo
From Kumihimo

Next Saturday is the opening reception for Interwoven V at 18 Hands Gallery. Above are my pieces that were chosen. Please stop by next Saturday and say hi.
18 Hands Gallery

Interwoven V

October 19th-27th, 2013

Opening Reception
Saturday, October 19th
6-9 PM

Participating artists:

Jack Barnhart, Cammie Beierle
 Janet Bodin, Kyla Crawford
 Ginny Eckley, Linn Forsell
 Patricia A. Hinojosa, Nadia Khan
 Sharine Kirchoff, Charlene Kolb
 Leisa McCord, Janice McKeehan
 Bobbe Shapiro Nolan, Pat Powell
 Lauren Salazar, Macarena Smartt,
 Linda J. Thompson, David Vollmer
 Rex Watson, Hope Wilmarth
Geraldine Woodhouse

Enjoy a lovely Saturday evening,
meet many of the artists
and partake in snacks and

18 Hands Gallery
249 W 19th Street
Houston, TX 77008


CHH Sale – Some Braids

From CHH Sale 2013

I have gathered my kumihimo neckpieces for the CHH Sale. Thought I’d share pictures of a couple of them.

From CHH Sale 2013

Posted a picture of this one a couple of weeks ago. This time the color is true.

From CHH Sale 2013

A great piece with a lot of substance yet very lightweight.

Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston Annual Sale. October 23 – 26, 2013 at Guild House. Check http://www.weavehouston.org for hours and directions.

Houston Handweaver’s Sale

From Kumihimo

Starting to gather up my work for the Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston Annual Sale (www.weavehouston.org). Finished this braid last week. I just noticed the photo and the braid are not the same colors. Not sure where the change occured. Both colors (image and actual) are great. The braid is actually red; very red. Once again I used one of Giovanna Imperia’s fabulous yarns.

I’ll be posting more items for the sale as I gather them up.

Demo Braid

From Kumihimo

Finally had the opportunity to complete the braid I started for the Houston Area Fiber Artists meeting in August. Doesn’t usually take this long but having other projects to complete and not finding just the right material to use for the center binding caused delays. The primary braid was made from silk and acrylic yarns and the small center braid was made with CLon.

Now it’s back to some other projects that will probably be entered into the annual Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston sale. It’s scheduled to be held October 23-26 at the Guild House. Guild House is the new home for CHH and is located in Chelsea Market on Montrose. Check for details at http://www.weavehouston.org.

More Loom Beading

From Beadwork

Finally had a little time to take a photo of more loom work. This is very addictive! Just need a design to pop into your head (usually based on the beads you have at hand), warp up the loom and start weaving. It’s really great to do while you’re watching TV. I really need to take a break from this and do more geometric beading but we’ll see what wins out in the next day or so.

Last Saturday I had a great time leading the activity (braided tassels) at the Center for Contemporary Craft. All our guests seemed to enjoy it also. Next month there will be lots of fiber related activities there. It should be fun. This week I’ll be one of four doing a short presentation for the Houston Area Fiber Artists. My bit will be on kumihimo, how its done and how I use it to create my neckpieces. Looking forward to it.