Indigo Pillows

Have gotten my pillows made for the annual Handweaver’s Sale. The pillow above had little space for embroidery but I did get a bit on it. Didn’t think about the addition of stitching when I sewed the strips together. Was more concerned about getting the most interesting strips maximum exposure.

This pillow had a bit more ‘in front’ space for a bit of embroidery.

The embroidery on this pillow is a bit more subtle. This was the only pillow with shibori designs on both the front and back so embellishment was kept to a minimum.

This is the patchwork pillow and despite all the patterning I decided to add a lot of stitching in a lovely dark orange. This pillow is not going to the sale and is very happily sitting on my couch.

I’m now adding more shibori stitched fabric to an increasingly large pile to get ready for another indigo dye session. Stay tuned for those results.

Also trying to get a little eco printing done. The results so far have been less than spectacular. Think I’ll just concentrate on the indigo for the moment and when that is off my mind I’ll focus on some eco printing.

CHH Annual Sale

Getting everything together for the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Annual Sale. I had so much fun with the felted soap last year so I had to make some more. I also have a couple of kumihimo neckpieces and loomed bracelets to include. But my very favorite things are the eco printed/dyed scarves I have been making all year. Also managed to get some indigo pieces done.

Hope to see some of you there. It’s October 22nd through the 24th at Guild House. Check for more details.

Last but not Least

From CHH 2014

These are the final pieces for the CHH sale. The first scarf if one of my favorites. It is silk and has been eco printed with the autumn leaves of the Mexican Buckeye as well as some from an ornamental Pear. I added some fresh rose petals for a little more color.

From CHH 2014

This silk scarf was eco printed with rose leaves and the leaves from the “Wandering Jew” (tradescantia pendula) plant.

From CHH 2014

The final scarf was a fun indigo dye project. The beautiful cotton scarf was handwoven in Indonesia. I did a bit of folding and dipped it into an indigo pot. The color is gorgeous.

Hope to see you all the the sale. The Contemporary Handweavers of Houston Annual Sale starts this Thursday (November 20th) and runs through Saturday (November 22nd). The location is 2315 Commerce and the hours are 10am until 5pm Thursday and Friday and from 10am until 9pm on Saturday.

More CHH Sale 2014

From CHH 2014

I was busily tagging all my goodies for the Contemporary Handweavers of Houston sale and realized that I didn’t include pictures of my little felt bags in the last post. I found these very cute little bags in all kinds of colors and couldn’t decide how to embellish them. Then I remembered the wonderful hand dyed mohair curls I got from Kai Mohair (who has the most beautiful goats). I got out my felting needles and start punching away. The mohair goes all around the bag. I just love the look. Hope everyone else does also.

Ready for CHH Sale 2014

From CHH 2014

Getting ready for the 2014 Contemporary Handweavers of Houston annual sale. Led an activity at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft this year making felted soap. Decided they would be a fun ‘little’ thing to have available at the CHH sale.

From CHH 2014

Did some off loom bead weaving to create these wonderful earrings. Even did up a few pair of ear threads. Those always seem to be very popular.

From CHH 2014
From CHH 2014

Made more loom woven bracelets. I just love making these. They’re like potato chips. ‘You just can’t make one’!

I’ll also have a few of my scarves there. There will be an indigo and a couple of eco prints.

This year the sale is later than usual. It is scheduled to be next door (Art Studios at 2315 Commerce) to our new ‘home’ (Art Studios at 2323 Commerce)and to be able to participate in the local Art Crawl. I suspect these will be the dates (Nov 20-22) going forward. It should be a fun new experience. Check the CHH website for details (

More for CHH Sale

From CHH Sale 2013

Another braid for the sale. Have a couple more but you’ll have to go to the sale to see them.

From CHH Sale 2013


Did some loomwork with beads this year. They were great fun to do

Don’t forget – Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston Annual Sale. October 23 – 26, 2013 at Guild House. Check for additional details. Hope to see you there

CHH Sale – Some Braids

From CHH Sale 2013

I have gathered my kumihimo neckpieces for the CHH Sale. Thought I’d share pictures of a couple of them.

From CHH Sale 2013

Posted a picture of this one a couple of weeks ago. This time the color is true.

From CHH Sale 2013

A great piece with a lot of substance yet very lightweight.

Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston Annual Sale. October 23 – 26, 2013 at Guild House. Check for hours and directions.

CHH Sale – More Goodies

From CHH Sale 2013

Had a couple of these netted bangles in last year’s sale and they seemed to the popular. Started making more at the beginning of this year. They feature either beautiful Czech glass or Swarovski crystal pearls.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy them at this year’s event.

Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston Annual Sale. October 23 – 26, 2013 at Guild House. Check for details.

Houston Handweaver’s Sale

From Kumihimo

Starting to gather up my work for the Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston Annual Sale ( Finished this braid last week. I just noticed the photo and the braid are not the same colors. Not sure where the change occured. Both colors (image and actual) are great. The braid is actually red; very red. Once again I used one of Giovanna Imperia’s fabulous yarns.

I’ll be posting more items for the sale as I gather them up.