From Felt

Learning a technique often presents you with some interesting opportunities. I have made a couple of felt cuffs before but they usually have some kind of clasp to fasten them on. Thought it would be interesting to make a felt cuff that just slipped over the hand. Well not only is wet felting something that needs much practice but calculating correct sizing does also. I followed all the sizing guidelines but found my end result was about 3 inches too large! That is fairly significant.

I let the cuff sit for a couple of days and periodically walked past it to give it an analyzing look. I didn’t want to cut off the excess to create another cuff with a clasp so I decided to go ahead and fold over the excess. Looked though my ‘stuff’ for a suitable embellishment and found this wonderful, huge button. Not only did the button need a piece big enough to not be overwhelming but it also needed a surface substantial enough to hold it. The cuff is approximately 3 inches wide and, with 3 layers of folded-over felt, the button would be proportionate and secure.

I like it so much I may make another before adjusting my guide to make the ‘correct’ size.

Spring Braiding

This spring my braids appear to belong to the same color family. Interesting, as they were made from two dissimilar and unlikely materials.

Desert Nights is made with raffia, wrapped with a very soft and smooth cotton yarn which was then covered with seed bead bands. I love the way the raffia tassels stand straight out.

From Gallery

Gold and Wisps is made from plastic yarn. It, too, is wrapped in a wonderful soft and smooth cotton yarn and topped with a band of beads. The ‘wisps’ are made with C-Lon (there are just too many things that that wonderful cord can be used for).

From Gallery

I’m happy with them. Now it’s time to start making another braid. Think we’ll deviate from the ‘gold/beige’ family of colors.