Annual Bead-It-Forward Project

Each year, at the annual Bead & Button Conference, there is an auction held to benefit breast cancer research, treatment and, ultimately, a cure. The auction items started out as bead quilts and, each year, as more and more small squares of beads were donated, other items have been created.

Every year there is a theme. This year it is ‘Animals: Wild about finding a cure’. I enjoy participatichng in this event and have completed beading my ‘quilt’ squares. I just need to apply a backing and get them ready to add to the many others that will be created by the members of the Houston Bead Society and sent in for assembly.

My ‘wild animal’ selection is the dragonfly. They fly around my garden each summer; all beautifully dressed in their iridescent wings.

Ready for CHH Sale 2014

From CHH 2014

Getting ready for the 2014 Contemporary Handweavers of Houston annual sale. Led an activity at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft this year making felted soap. Decided they would be a fun ‘little’ thing to have available at the CHH sale.

From CHH 2014

Did some off loom bead weaving to create these wonderful earrings. Even did up a few pair of ear threads. Those always seem to be very popular.

From CHH 2014
From CHH 2014

Made more loom woven bracelets. I just love making these. They’re like potato chips. ‘You just can’t make one’!

I’ll also have a few of my scarves there. There will be an indigo and a couple of eco prints.

This year the sale is later than usual. It is scheduled to be next door (Art Studios at 2315 Commerce) to our new ‘home’ (Art Studios at 2323 Commerce)and to be able to participate in the local Art Crawl. I suspect these will be the dates (Nov 20-22) going forward. It should be a fun new experience. Check the CHH website for details (

Felting Group – Bracelet

From Felt

This month’s felting group activity was a bracelet. One of our members found a cute idea which had a length of wire contained in the felt with the ends of the wire protruding at the ends. The wire in the felt helped give the bracelet shape and the wire at the ends could be used as embellishment. As seen in my sample there is no wire protruding at the ends. Rather there is a great deal of felt extending past the wire!

Not to let that deter me, I shaped both the wire and the felt to give me a very interesting bracelet. Of course, it also needed some beads to add even more interest.

I do like the way the bracelet turned out but need to spend a little time doing the project as it was intended. Looking forward to next month’s group activity.

Beadwork Inspiration

From Beadwork

For the “Hands On Houston” event at the Center for Contemporary Craft on the first Saturday of April, I lead the activity assisted by Houston Bead Society. The theme was Zulu Love Beads. While the activity itself wasn’t quite so ambitious, we did have samples of love bead messages as well as ongoing demonstrations on their construction.

The colors used to create the messages are very basic; red, blue, green, white, etc. I was very taken with those colors as they are very infrequently used by most beaders. I decided those colors would be perfect for a piece of loomwork. I liked the result very much and the button was a perfect find.

More for CHH Sale

From CHH Sale 2013

Another braid for the sale. Have a couple more but you’ll have to go to the sale to see them.

From CHH Sale 2013


Did some loomwork with beads this year. They were great fun to do

Don’t forget – Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston Annual Sale. October 23 – 26, 2013 at Guild House. Check for additional details. Hope to see you there

CHH Sale – More Goodies

From CHH Sale 2013

Had a couple of these netted bangles in last year’s sale and they seemed to the popular. Started making more at the beginning of this year. They feature either beautiful Czech glass or Swarovski crystal pearls.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy them at this year’s event.

Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston Annual Sale. October 23 – 26, 2013 at Guild House. Check for details.