Beadwork Inspiration

From Beadwork

For the “Hands On Houston” event at the Center for Contemporary Craft on the first Saturday of April, I lead the activity assisted by Houston Bead Society. The theme was Zulu Love Beads. While the activity itself wasn’t quite so ambitious, we did have samples of love bead messages as well as ongoing demonstrations on their construction.

The colors used to create the messages are very basic; red, blue, green, white, etc. I was very taken with those colors as they are very infrequently used by most beaders. I decided those colors would be perfect for a piece of loomwork. I liked the result very much and the button was a perfect find.

Bayou City Bead Works

This is what I’ll be bringing to the Bayou City Beadworks sponsored by Houston Bead Society. The show is being held at the Norris Conference Center/City Centre (see for directions and other particulars). HBS did not sponsor a show last year so I know everyone will be eagerly awaiting this one. The venue is new and, for once in a very long time, all vendors will be in the same room. Should be fun. Hope to see you all there (Oct 25 – 27, 2013).

From Shows

Over 60 colors of C-Lon.

From Shows

Beautiful Czech cut beads. I’ll have one-cuts(charlottes), two-cuts and three-cuts.