Annual Bead-It-Forward Project

Each year, at the annual Bead & Button Conference, there is an auction held to benefit breast cancer research, treatment and, ultimately, a cure. The auction items started out as bead quilts and, each year, as more and more small squares of beads were donated, other items have been created.

Every year there is a theme. This year it is ‘Animals: Wild about finding a cure’. I enjoy participatichng in this event and have completed beading my ‘quilt’ squares. I just need to apply a backing and get them ready to add to the many others that will be created by the members of the Houston Bead Society and sent in for assembly.

My ‘wild animal’ selection is the dragonfly. They fly around my garden each summer; all beautifully dressed in their iridescent wings.

Bead Quilt Squares 2014

Time again for submitting bead quilt squares.

From Beadwork

Every year this project is sponsored by the folks from Bead & Button magazine at their annual conference. This project, which was begun by an individual, uses monies collected from the sale of bead quilts as well as other items utilizing theses squares for breast cancer research. Each year there is a different theme selected. This year’s theme is ‘Turn the Tide Against Breast Cancer’. So what may look like stars, in my squares, are really starfish. These little squares are 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″. There’s not too much detail that can be contained in that area.

Now that I have finished my squares it’s time to go on to other projects. More on those later.