C-LON (3-ply twisted multi-filament bonded nylon cord – 92 yards (84 meters) per spool) 

3.50 USD per spool (8+ spools – 3.00 USD per spool)

click on links below to see colors


clon AM-HYA

clon IB-STL

clon T-WT





Combining photographic equipment and computer monitors can distort an item’s actual color, particularly when the photos are of sample cards.  Please feel free to ask for a photo of a specific item, on its own, to help verify the color.  This also includes any finished pieces.

There is no shopping cart on this site so we will be communicating via email (patpowelldesigns@att.net) to answer any questions, determine availability and calculate shipping.  At this time I ship only to the U.S.

I currently accept payment through PayPal or I can send a Square invoice.