A Beautiful Sunday

What a beautiful, bright day. A new year has started and January is always a very busy month. There are birthdays, anniversaries, the business of clearing out last year’s files and setting up new ones and, of course, can’t forget planning new projects. I have eco printed some new scarves but they are waiting to be pressed so they can have their pictures taken.

At the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (HCCC), the first Hands On activity of the year was making paper flags. I didn’t have a chance to make them while I was there (we had lots of visitors) but I did bring home a couple of patterns and some paper and finished my project there. I think they are great and couldn’t wait to hang them up.

If I’m very lucky, one of my ‘grocery store’ orchids will bloom more than once. This one is in its third or fourth year and it has bloomed each year. There are still many more buds to open so these lovely flowers will be with me for a while.

Love Spring

Angel’s Trumpet – No serious freeze this past winter and lots of spring rain.

Gladiolus – Can’t grow the large ones here but these little beauties are wonderful (looks like I need to divide up the clumps so they’ll stand up straight again)

Amaryllis – Buy those boxed Amaryllis after Christmas and put in the ground.

Body aching and yard work not yet done but looking around the yard makes it all worth while.

Eco Prints with Tumeric

Still had some wonderful leaves left on my Hamelia (they turn red when the temperature drops). The Peruvian lilies are all up so I decided to find out if they would print. I thought, too, that perhaps I would add a little tumeric to the mix.

Above is the print I got on silk habotoi. Don’t really see any of the Peruvian Lily leaves. I may try those again a bit later in the season.

Above is the print I got on silk chiffon. The lovely purpleish/blue is really a reflection of the background I used behind it. The actual color in that area is more like the habotoi.

In keeping with the yellow theme, I thought I’d include a picture of my Carolina Jessamine. It doesn’t know it’s a bit chilly out.

Craft Center Activities

Almost forgot to post the activity presented by the Houston Metal Arts Guild at the Center for Contemporary Craft this month. It was a very chilly day and in the middle of the holiday shopping frenzy but we all had a great time making ornaments.

From Miscellaneous

Above are my attempts. I did work on them rather quickly but they still turned out kind of cute. It’s amazing the number of things that can be created with metal foil. Remember last year we made those wonderful brooches; now, these ornaments. I need to think what other things can be created with embossed foil.

Great Weekend Coming Up

Need to finish your holiday shopping or just looking to treat yourself? This is the weekend to do it.

On Friday (Dec 13th) there will be a small group of us joining an office party celebration.

I’ll have a few of these.

From Shows

And a some of these plus a few other goodies.

From Shows

There will also be some beautiful glasswork, metalwork, everyone’s favorite accessory – wrapped bracelets, wonderful felt items, fiber pieces, wonderful holiday spiders and, maybe, some potpourri.

The party will be held, in the atrium, at 800 Bering Dr. It is between Woodway and San Felipe next to a bank building. The hours are 1pm-5pm. Do stop by.

Also starting on Friday (Dec 13) and going through Sunday (Dec 15) will be Joan’s Holiday Sale. There you’ll find beautiful paper art plus some other interesting items including my pepper jelly and cranberry jam.

From Shows

Sale Hours:

Friday – 12pm-8pm
Saturday – 11am-6pm
Sunday – 12pm-6pm


904 Welch
Stop by both locations and have a great time, meet the wonderful artists and pick up something fabulous. Hope to see you this weekend.

Holiday Sale

Gathering up everything for Joan’s Holiday Sale. This is the annual sale held at Joan Son’s studio offering all sorts of wonderful treasures.

Here’s a bowl of Meyer lemons, from my tree, waiting to be squeezed.

From Shows

The jar on the right is where the lemon juice goes: Cranberry/Meyer Lemon jam. The jar on the left is my Banana/Poblano/Jalapeno Pepper jelly.

From Shows

They will both be available at the sale.

From Shows

Joan’s Studio – 904 Welch, Houston, TX

Friday, Dec 13th, 12 – 8pm
Saturday, Dec 14th, 11 – 6pm
Sunday, Dec 15th, 12 – 6pm

What a Surprise!

Last Friday was the opening of a new exhibit in the Artist Hall at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft – Detritus. Jim & I were able to volunteer that evening for the positions of bartender and “gallery guard”. Scheduled for this week was the annual Volunteer Appreciation party which we would not be able to attend. So on Friday, I was both surprised and very flattered to be presented with the HCCC Volunteer of the Year Award. What an unexpected honor.

From Miscellaneous

I have really enjoyed the time spent here. The staff is a great bunch to work with and there are always fun and interesting activities to help with. The exhibitions continue to be interesting and often thought provoking. I look forward to my continuing volunteer time here and want to thank everyone for this honor.

P.S. In additon to a commerative plaque, I also received a gift certificate from Asher Gallery (where they have fabulous gift items) and an HCCC personalized apron. I can’t tell you how much we all lusted for those aprons when they were first brought into service for the Family Day event this year. Now I have my very own!

Between the Rains

Last Sunday ended the Bayou City Bead Works show. Tuesday was the beginning of my Quilt Festival Workshops (will post later on my workshops). Trying to get a little rest today between the show, workshops and tomorrow’s venture to ‘do’ the Quilt Festival (am very excited-after twelve years I’m not there as an exhibitor, just as an “I’m goin’ for fun”).

Between the rains today I checked on things outside and saw the most amazing thing.

From Miscellaneous

I have had this Bird of Paradise for more years than I can remember. I think it bloomed the first couple of years then nothing. Not only is there this flower but there are at least two more buds! I did move it this year to get a tad more sunlight. Mayber I should have moved it several years ago.