‘Earring Slam Jam’ 2015

Getting ready for the annual Earring Slam Jam at 18 Hands Gallery. This is a very fun event. Every year, at the end of January, several jewelry artists are invited to participate in a day long fun sale. Earring styles range from the exquisite to the outrageous and everything in between.

This year’s event will be on Saturday, January 24th from 11-5. It is held at 18 Hands Gallery in the Heights (www.18handsgallery.com). Below are a few of my contributions this year. Come by and say Hi.

Kumihimo Fun

I have had several skeins of raffia in my supply stash for quite a while. Decided it was time to use at least one of them and find out how it braided up.

With any stiff or unknown fiber I like to finish the braid in my circular design. After I’ve finished the braiding, I can determine whether or not the circle will have a tassel (love those guys!).

Surprisingly, the raffia ended up with a tassel.

From Gallery

Finished the piece with a purple cotton fiber wrap to set off the small copper embellishment. I like it.

Sometimes, however, no matter how many fun and interesting fibers you braid, you always come back to the basics: silk. The braid below used both plain and variegated silk.

From Gallery

And, wow, what a tassel! I do just love those guys! The little braids seen on top of the tassel are actually two of the warps used in making the braid. I like this one, too.

Evolutionary Design

There are times when you start out to make one thing and it turns into something else entirely. I guess that is what is known as ‘evolutionary design’.

I found these gorgeous matte olive green and matte purple beads that I knew would be a stunning brick stitch bangle. The plan was to support the bangle with thick cotton cording. Well a few inches into the bangle and I realized this plan was not valid (there was no bending this piece!). Undefeated, I carried on and stitched a length of beads and filled the bead tube with cotton cording. After looking at the bead tube for a while I came to the decision that it could be the center of a neckpiece which would be held up with some wonderful braids made of purple C-Lon. As the C-Lon was also a matte finish, a few metallic strands could be added to the braid warps for a little sparkle.

That done, I now had a simple, geometric neckpiece with a bit of sparkle on the sides. Now I needed to balance the side sparkle with something on the bead tube. In my metal supplies, I found a wonderful piece of copper. The copper needed a hole and some patina. After that was completed, a bail to suspend the copper from the bead tube was required. A small braid to the rescue.

So now my bead bangle has become a neckpiece. I’m satisfied.

From Gallery

Interwoven IV: Accessories

I submitted the following items for consideration in the Interwoven IV: Accessories show being held at 18 Hands Gallery in the Houston Heights. To my surprise all were accepted. Unfortunately, I’ll not be able to go the reception being held on November 3rd. That day falls on the weekend of the International Quilt Festival and I’ll be working there.

The gallery show is scheduled to run from November 3, 2012 to November 14, 2012. So I do have time to go and see it. I know several people who will also be showing. Am anxious to see all the work being exhibited.

From Gallery

Kumihimo neckpiece made with silk and displaying one of my copper pieces done with a heat patina.

From Gallery

Kumihimo neckpiece made with silk and incoporating the Chinese Coin Knot.

From Gallery

Kumihimo neckpiece made with copper wire.

HAFA Gallery Show

This weekend is the start of the 2012 Gallery Show for the Houston Area Fiber Artist members. It will be held at 18 Hands Gallery in the Heights. Please stop by if you’re in the area. My work is included with some of the outstanding fiber artists in our area. Both pieces in my August 5th post were accepted. I’m very excited.

From Miscellaneous

Participating Artists:
Fermin Coronado, Ginny Eckley Suzan Engler, Susan Ennis, Iva Jenson,
Scharine Kirchoff, Mary Ann Littlejohn, Venetta Morger, Patricia Powell,
Laura Roux, Peggy Sexton, Kathy Smith, Hope Wilmarth

(Please double click on the postcard if the details are not clear.)

Fiber Artist Show Entries

The Houston Area Fiber Artists are having their annual gallery show next month (September 22 – 30) at 18 Hands Gallery in the Heights. I submitted a couple of pieces for consideration. Hope to hear that one or both of these neckpieces get accepted into the show.

From Gallery

This is Gumball. Had great fun adding all the felt bits and then very happy I found this fabulous yarn in my stash that I could use to wrap everything together. The black is plastic yarn. It looks great on and is very lightweight.

From Gallery

This piece is called Golden Pond. It just seemed like light shimmering on golden blue water. The centerpiece is heat treated copper with an enameled accent and some of my great C-Lon cording. The necklace, itself, is made of fine wool fibers and braided in the traditional Japanese style (kumihimo).


Been having so much fun with my metal patinas I thought adding some enamel bits to the metal designs would be nice. So practicing I have been.

From Metal
From Metal

Combining the two different techiques is great but also felt the need to have some stand-alone enameled items. The pieces that are not directly attached to another piece of metal need to be enameled on the back as well as the front. That adds another bit of ‘fun’ to the learning process.

From Metal
From Metal

Now need to continue practicing and begin to try working on larger pieces.  To do this, I’ll need to fire up the kiln. All the pieces done so far have been with a torch. I love to watch the glass go through the different stages before it finally starts to flow. Not sure I’ll be able to do that with the kiln. We’ll see.

But first, I need to read the next chapter of my go to book on enameling; The Art of Enameling by Linda Darty. There are a number of books available on the subject but this one has kept me going. Stay tuned for the next enamel installment.

Metal & Fire – Oh My!

From Metal

Ever since I took the workshop with Mary Hettmansperger, I have not been able to put down my torch. What gorgeous things can happen to copper when the fire starts dancing over it. To complement the colored metal I have been working on my enameling. Still got some work to do on my technique but starting to get it to look as it should. Have included a couple of pictures of progress so far.

From Metal
From Metal