Always Time

The past month has been very busy. There was the Handweaver’s Sale, The international Quilt Festival, getting the Guild House Gallery back up and now my Trunk Show. But in spite of it all, there was still some time to be found doing a bit of eco printing.

I’m not overly fond of satin silk but when it’s printed there is a shimmering depth to the prints that can’t be ignored.

A more difficult fabric is silk chiffon. Due to the sheerness of the fabric, it is difficult to see much of a print. This one, however, surprised me.

The first 2 prints were processed together in a madder root bath and had a bit of tumeric sprinkled on them.

This was done with a combination of dry and fresh leaves. The print turned out more faintly than I had hoped but a quick dip in iron water gave it new life.

Another combination dry and fresh print. This one turned out more to my liking especially with the wonderful purple prints of the dried Texas Star hibiscus flower.

Another combination print. With the eucalyptus and tea sprinkles it looks completely different than the rest.

The last 3 prints were processed together and are silk habotai.

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