Continuing with Botanicals

Interesting to see how my work has progressed since last year. But there are times we go back to the tried and true. Here we have rose leaves, fern leaves, violet leaves and some purple heart. This silk habotai piece was processed in the same pot as the two below so it ended up with a little langiappe – a touch of madder root in the corner.

Here was a bit of silk chiffon with oak leaves, crape myrtle leaves, bamboo and a bit of madder root extract. The black was a result of the rusty can the scarf was wrapped around when processed.

This was a piece of silk habotai that was processed with oak leaves, sweet gum leaves, bamboo and some madder root. This, too, was wrapped around a rusty can to achieve the black areas.

There may have been a touch too much madder root in the last two as some of the yellow from the leaves (resulting from the a pre-mordant of aluminum sulfate) was a bit overwhelmed.

I am busily prepping some scarves (doing a little shibori stitching) to get ready for my next indigo day. As it is so warm outside, I want to make sure I have everything ready for a busy day of dyeing. Not sure if the indigo pot will last more than a couple of days in the heat.

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