Time to Post

Been busy doing things and forgetting to stop, take photos and post results. I follow several natural dye groups on Facebook and remember someone posting their process which included a 6 hour boiling bath. I decided to give it a try and, as you can see, the fig leaves gave amazing prints. The other botanicals are angel’s trumpet (brugmansia), rose petals, live oak leaves and bamboo leaves. The golden aura around the fig leaves is from the angel’s trumpet (mine are apricot in color). Even though the figs gave fantastic prints, the rose petals went past their red-pink stage and left a pinkish brown imprint. As I write this, I have more scarves in the pot cooling. I decided to try boiling these for 4 hours instead of 3 and use a different mix of botanicals. Anxious for them to cool and see the results.

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