My Indigo Dye Day

Finally, set up my first indigo dye pot.

As I don’t have any plants of my own, I used the reduced crystals from Pro-Chemical. I had spent a couple of evenings preparing some pieces for the pot. I mixed up my batch, with only a minor ‘did I do that right’.

These are pictures of a few of the first day’s efforts. The color is fantastic.

Unfortunately, it was very warm out. I had originally planned to do this in early May but as I recall we did have a lot of rain then.

By the time my session was over for the day, I had indigo all over my body, even in my hair. I think this is why I dislike painting the house. I do get into my work.

By the second day I was a bit cleaner. But then, I only had some simple ‘dips’ to do. My dye pot is still out there waiting for me. I may come up with a couple more things to put in it before it is no more.

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