New Life for an Old Stole

I had a cream colored stole that I don’t think I ever wore. I believe the fiber was rayon but wasn’t really sure. So I decided to mordant the fabric as I would a cellulose fiber and gathered some leaves. I used tallow, oak, fern, violet and hamelia leaves; some dry, some fresh. The bundle was simmered in a madder root dye bath. Close up I see traces of the fern and oak but what really stands out are the tallow leaves. The rest of the leaves did leave a wonderful greenish yellow color on the fabric and the madder is a beautiful red.

As it was a bit cool on Easter I decided to finally wear my stole. I loved it and it got many admiring glances.

4 thoughts on “New Life for an Old Stole

  1. Well, hooray for experimentation. That worked out great. I have no such hopes for my white “pashmina” shawl with two tags listing completely different fiber content.


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