Eco Print with Fountain Plant

After the late winter rains, the fountain plant really burst forth. The red was so vibrant I thought it might be a good printing candidate. I cut off a branch and also used some of the fresh wood violet leaves in my yard. I rolled them up in a silk scarf and simmered them in a bath lightly sprinkled with tumeric.

This is the branch surrounded by violet leaves. There is a slight pinkish cast to the print.

These are the violet leaves.

This is the whole scarf.

Love Spring

Angel’s Trumpet – No serious freeze this past winter and lots of spring rain.

Gladiolus – Can’t grow the large ones here but these little beauties are wonderful (looks like I need to divide up the clumps so they’ll stand up straight again)

Amaryllis – Buy those boxed Amaryllis after Christmas and put in the ground.

Body aching and yard work not yet done but looking around the yard makes it all worth while.

New Life for an Old Stole

I had a cream colored stole that I don’t think I ever wore. I believe the fiber was rayon but wasn’t really sure. So I decided to mordant the fabric as I would a cellulose fiber and gathered some leaves. I used tallow, oak, fern, violet and hamelia leaves; some dry, some fresh. The bundle was simmered in a madder root dye bath. Close up I see traces of the fern and oak but what really stands out are the tallow leaves. The rest of the leaves did leave a wonderful greenish yellow color on the fabric and the madder is a beautiful red.

As it was a bit cool on Easter I decided to finally wear my stole. I loved it and it got many admiring glances.