Eco Prints with Annatto Seeds

Acquired some Annatto seeds so I had to play with them. Above is a cotton/silk fabric which has, in addition to the Annatto, Hamelia leaves, Stock flowers/leaves and some Indigo leaves.

This was a silk chiffon with Annatto seeds, Oak leaves, Mexican Buckeye leaves and Texas Star Hibiscus flowers.

This is silk habotai with Oak and Mexican Buckeye leaves. A favorite combination of mine. Didn’t use any of the seeds on this one.

Eco Prints with Tumeric

Still had some wonderful leaves left on my Hamelia (they turn red when the temperature drops). The Peruvian lilies are all up so I decided to find out if they would print. I thought, too, that perhaps I would add a little tumeric to the mix.

Above is the print I got on silk habotoi. Don’t really see any of the Peruvian Lily leaves. I may try those again a bit later in the season.

Above is the print I got on silk chiffon. The lovely purpleish/blue is really a reflection of the background I used behind it. The actual color in that area is more like the habotoi.

In keeping with the yellow theme, I thought I’d include a picture of my Carolina Jessamine. It doesn’t know it’s a bit chilly out.