‘Earring Slam Jam’ 2015

Getting ready for the annual Earring Slam Jam at 18 Hands Gallery. This is a very fun event. Every year, at the end of January, several jewelry artists are invited to participate in a day long fun sale. Earring styles range from the exquisite to the outrageous and everything in between.

This year’s event will be on Saturday, January 24th from 11-5. It is held at 18 Hands Gallery in the Heights (www.18handsgallery.com). Below are a few of my contributions this year. Come by and say Hi.

Annual Bead-It-Forward Project

Each year, at the annual Bead & Button Conference, there is an auction held to benefit breast cancer research, treatment and, ultimately, a cure. The auction items started out as bead quilts and, each year, as more and more small squares of beads were donated, other items have been created.

Every year there is a theme. This year it is ‘Animals: Wild about finding a cure’. I enjoy participatichng in this event and have completed beading my ‘quilt’ squares. I just need to apply a backing and get them ready to add to the many others that will be created by the members of the Houston Bead Society and sent in for assembly.

My ‘wild animal’ selection is the dragonfly. They fly around my garden each summer; all beautifully dressed in their iridescent wings.

Another Favorite

As I make more prints, I seem to be making more favorites (although there are still a number of ‘OK’ ones also). You try to plan for certain results but you still never really know until the piece is unwrapped.

This scarf was in the same dye bath with my first paper prints. All the tannin (tallow leaves) and iron (pine needles), with a touch of vinegar and onion skins, does create some very dynamic prints. This scarf also had included some fresh hamelia patens (hummingbird bush) leaves that were starting to turn their winter red. They created some hints of green.

Did print a few more papers with fresh botanicals. They turned out very delicate and subtle. Too difficult to get a good photo. The scarf I included in their dye bath will be ready to unwrap in a week or so. I’m trying to be patient.