First Paper Prints

Have finally tried eco printing on paper.

From Eco Print

Used some heavy watercolor paper and leaves that had been soaking for a couple of days.  Because of all the tannin, the prints were all shades of brown.  The amount of tannin was so great it even overpowered the golden onion skins in the dye bath. I did wet the paper in vinegar water prior to laying down the leaves although did not soak it. There was a lot of seepage from the dye bath. Next time I don’t think I’ll let the paper ferment for a couple of days. I believe perhaps maybe I’ll just let the paper sit in the bath until it has cooled.

From Eco Print

The shades of brown were a bit different due to the leaves used.

From Eco Print

Interestingly, even though there was a piece of waxed paper between each sheet, there is a ghost image on the back of each print from the page below it.  Didn’t know waxed paper was porous. Below are the ghost images.

From Eco Print

Next I’ll try some fresh leaves and flowers. Hopefully, will get some color on the paper.




5 thoughts on “First Paper Prints

  1. So, if you didn’t want the ghost prints, you would have to separate the pages with plexiglas or a sheet of heavy plastic, I guess. You got a nice variety of browns anyway and interesting textures. Haven’t tried paper yet.


  2. I like your browns..even though i am a color person myself.. I haven’t tried paper, only have been using fabric for about 3 wax paper-it is petroleum based; you might want to try parchment paper, which may or not produce ghost prints..I didn’t check..but might be safer with silicone..not sure…but perhaps. meanwhile, your prints are lovely!!

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