Intl Quilt Festival Workshop

From Surface Design

I decided this year I would only take one workshop at the Quilt Festival and did I pick the right one! It was titled Indigo Shibori Style and the instructors were Glennis Dolce (Shibori Girl) and Katrina Walker (seamstress extraordinary).

Pictured on top is the front of the vest I have not as yet completed. I still need to add the side inserts and finish the edges. The front panels of the vest are all silk. The back panels, as seen in the picture above and below, are cotton. Each of the panel sets were a different kind of silk or cotton. The panels were all prepared in Glennis’ session. The vest construction was done in Katrina’s session. I am still not overly comfortable sewing a garment but so far it is looking wearable.

From Surface Design

Workshop is highly recommended and I’ll look for these two ladies again next year. Now I can concentrate on finding supplies and looking at fantastic quilts.

4 thoughts on “Intl Quilt Festival Workshop

  1. Pat, this looks spectacular! Isn’t it a great class??? I wish I had done the indigo version rather than the silk dye one. Good luck on finishing. Mine is still at about that same stage of finishing. Maybe I should step up… 🙂


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