Couldn’t Wait

From Surface Design

I could wait no longer. This is what emerged from the 2 bundles I wrote about a couple of days ago. I like. The scarf on the left is silk chiffon and is a little more golden in color than how it appears. The scarf on the right is a cotton and silk blend.

From Surface Design

This is what emerged from the bundle that was fermenting. There was a lot of copper influencing the rose leaves. The resulting colors are so interesting. This was a piece of cotton fabric.

Eco-printing is such an interesting technique. Those who have practiced for a number of years can usually predict the outcome of their combinations. The rest of us just marvel at the surprises. I have kept notes on all the recipes I have tried so far but there are many more I’m considering. Every day I wander out into my small yard and look at each plant there with a different eye. The freezer is getting very full with items not edible and the boxes of drying foliage is starting to fill up the garage. I’m enjoying every minute of it!

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