I’m Excited

From Surface Design

Finally opened my experimental eco print bundles. Each bundle was a slightly different technique. Had some knuckle biting while I waited for the prints to take hold but the results were good. Even in my inexperience, I did learn a few more things along the way. Have been collecting all kinds of plant material so I’m ready to prep a few more bundles.

P.S. the color softness is primarily due to the fabric being silk chiffon and not silk habotai or cotton.

5 thoughts on “I’m Excited

    • The center scarf is not really blue. It’s a taupe (interesting how the photo editor picked up the blue). The other 2 are very true to the colors they are. The scarves on either end were ‘cooked’ with copper. The green scarf was pre-dye mordanted with alum. The leaves are roses and violets.


  1. you’ll find that the colour on chiffon is just as intense as on other silks…it’s just that it is an open weave fabric and so when you hold it up you see less colour because of all the air spaces between the individual threads. no dye prints on air 🙂


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