Felted Bracelets, Etc.

From Felt

This was based on the project the felt study group had last month. Once again I didn’t have the wires exposed at both ends. This time I did, however, wrap the fibers rather than roll them and the bracelet turned out much nicer. I also cut a longer piece of wire to make a multiple wrap bracelet. Gave some thought to embellishing but really like it the way it is.

From Felt

Made another cuff. This was was lined and embellished. Was disappointed the adhesive interfacing didn’t stick as it should have and so was forced to use some fabric glue. Perhaps I’ll just continue to make cuffs without a stiff lining (ultra suede) and consider just a simple fabric lining or no lining at all. Do like the way the embroidery turned out.

From Surface Design

As my eco printing takes a very long time to process (I have 3 bundles happily fermenting), it seems as though I’ll have plenty of time to work on my other interests. Although I may try some sun and cold processing. Those techniques don’t take quite as long for the results to be seen.

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