From Felt

Learning a technique often presents you with some interesting opportunities. I have made a couple of felt cuffs before but they usually have some kind of clasp to fasten them on. Thought it would be interesting to make a felt cuff that just slipped over the hand. Well not only is wet felting something that needs much practice but calculating correct sizing does also. I followed all the sizing guidelines but found my end result was about 3 inches too large! That is fairly significant.

I let the cuff sit for a couple of days and periodically walked past it to give it an analyzing look. I didn’t want to cut off the excess to create another cuff with a clasp so I decided to go ahead and fold over the excess. Looked though my ‘stuff’ for a suitable embellishment and found this wonderful, huge button. Not only did the button need a piece big enough to not be overwhelming but it also needed a surface substantial enough to hold it. The cuff is approximately 3 inches wide and, with 3 layers of folded-over felt, the button would be proportionate and secure.

I like it so much I may make another before adjusting my guide to make the ‘correct’ size.

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