Felted Soap

From Felt

Thinking about fun projects for the Hands On activities at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (it’s a difficult task to try and offer projects that may be of interest to children as well as adults every month). I ran across a couple of felted soap projects while browsing the internet. Looked like fun. Thought I’d try to make a couple and they turned out pretty well. This was popular with the felters a few years ago. The idea was to make them for hostess gifts. Maybe we can make it popular again. This time as gifts for ourselves. Wet felting can be a little messy but when you felt a bar of soap, you have very clean hands! Hope the group at HCCC likes my project.

Beadwork Inspiration

From Beadwork

For the “Hands On Houston” event at the Center for Contemporary Craft on the first Saturday of April, I lead the activity assisted by Houston Bead Society. The theme was Zulu Love Beads. While the activity itself wasn’t quite so ambitious, we did have samples of love bead messages as well as ongoing demonstrations on their construction.

The colors used to create the messages are very basic; red, blue, green, white, etc. I was very taken with those colors as they are very infrequently used by most beaders. I decided those colors would be perfect for a piece of loomwork. I liked the result very much and the button was a perfect find.

Indigo – Yay!

From Surface Design

Attended a fun workshop on Saturday. We learned (and practiced a lot of) eco printing and did some indigo dyeing. It will be several weeks before are eco prints are ready to be seen but the items dipped in the indigo pot we were able to bring home. I had a shirt that I didn’t wear very often. It was an off-white which made me feel a bit washed out. The fabric content is cotton with some linen. I did some accordion folds with the shirt and wrapped it in rubber bands. After dipping in the dye, I left it scrunched up for about 24 hours. Then I took off the rubber bands and let it hang out until it was dry. Tossed it into the washer today with a bit of vinegar in the warm water. The picture above is how it came out of the dryer. Really like the results. If indigo wasn’t so messy I’d try it on my own. Just not ready for it yet.

Going to be waiting patiently for the eco prints. That process is something that can be readily done on your own. Not an expensive proposition. Just one that requires a great deal of patience.