IQF Workshops

At the International Quilt Festival this year, I took 2 workshops. One was Paintstik Inspirations and the other was Coloring Fabric with Paints. Aside from having to get up before the roosters to get downtown, the workshops were both great.

I have been doing some experimentation in fabric painting.

From Surface Design
From Surface Design
From Surface Design
From Surface Design

All the above were painted with Jacquard fabric paints: both Textile and Dye-Na-Flow. The top and bottom pictures are both cotton. The middle pictures are silk chiffon.

I have a couple more pieces drying including one I did using Golden Acrylics mixed with GAC-900 Fabric medium. It is a beautiful scarf. The only problem I had with it was when I painted it I used the freezer paper with its paper side up under the scarf (this creates no problem with fabric paints). The paper did stick to the scarf and I have been slowly cleaning it off. Next time, the shiny side will go up! Will publish a photo as soon as I can heat set it.

Here’s a photo of one of my Paintstik workshop pieces.

From Surface Design

I haven’t done any Paintstik samples as yet. Waiting for a couple more painted pieces that I can use as a base for the Paintstiks. Won’t be long.

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