Demo Braid

From Kumihimo

Finally had the opportunity to complete the braid I started for the Houston Area Fiber Artists meeting in August. Doesn’t usually take this long but having other projects to complete and not finding just the right material to use for the center binding caused delays. The primary braid was made from silk and acrylic yarns and the small center braid was made with CLon.

Now it’s back to some other projects that will probably be entered into the annual Contemporary Handweaver’s of Houston sale. It’s scheduled to be held October 23-26 at the Guild House. Guild House is the new home for CHH and is located in Chelsea Market on Montrose. Check for details at

Shaped Bangles

From Beadwork

Decided it was time to go back to my shaped beadwork book (Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork) and tackle my next bangle shape. I love the hexagons and discovered they were a little easier to make than the triangles. Think the shorter sides made the difference. Still love my triangles, though. And still loving those size 10 Delicas.

From Beadwork

Think maybe my next shape might be the square or maybe the pentagon or maybe both!! Also want to try some of the shapes in size 8 Delicas. We’ll see what happens first.

Gelli Printing

From Mixed Media

Finally broke down and purchased a Gelli printing plate. Think I felt the need to get ready for my selected workshops (signed up for 2 fabric painting sessions) at this year’s Quilt Festival.

My first afternoon I felt as though I was all thumbs or maybe no thumbs! The second afternoon I was starting to fell much better about the process.

From Mixed Media

Think I’m getting myself ready for a day-long marathon. This is really very fun. My very favorite Golden Acrylics were used as the medium. I used the Heavy Body, the Fluid and the new High Flow acrylics. The different formulas work very well together. Beautiful colors and great to work with.

From Mixed Media

These prints were all done on paper. Did a test on some thin cotton. Think I’d prefer a more substantial and tightly woven broadcloth. Will keep you posted on the fabric results.