Loom Beading

From Watermark

Purchased a beading loom at the Texas Handweaver’s Conference. About 10 days ago I decided to play with it. My friend, Nancy Jones of Tiny Dog Seed Beads, came up with a great way to not have to sew back in all those pesky warp strands. That was all the incentive I needed. So far I have finished three bracelets. Three more are woven and ready to finish. Have several more in the design stage. These are great fun to make and wear.

Love the colors on the one above.

From Watermark

This was fun. Red always adds a “punch”.

From Watermark

My “first born”. Love the button!

This is also another fun way to use all those great buttons I’ve been collecting.

3 thoughts on “Loom Beading

  1. I saw the one you had on yesterday and wanted to look at it more closely, then was distracted by something. It looked wonderful. Wear one to the board meeting! What loom did you buy?


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