Catch Up

Can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. I’ll try to catch up with what I’ve been doing since then.

All the weaving guilds in Texas have been getting ready for our bi-annual conference. One of the things the Houston guild is doing is to create table favors. These are some of the ones I made (hint: they’re pincushions). Unfortunately, woven fabric is not mine but made by several of our talented members. They are very cute.

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A couple of weeks ago was the Gathering of the Guilds at the Center for Contemporary Craft. This year the Houston Bead Society participated. This is a picture of our table as set up. As the day went on (and a great day it was except for the flooding rain) and HBS members came to demonstrate their craft, more and more wonderful examples were laid out on the table. All the visitors really enjoyed what they saw. It was a successful day and, hopefully, we will participate again next year.

From Miscellaneous

We’ve also been through another Hands On First Saturday at the Craft Center. This month, to remind everyone of the upcoming Empty Bowls event, we made ‘slump’ bowls with non-firing clay, leaves and tempura paint. Had lots of messy fun. My blue bowl didn’t slump much (a little too much clay for the form) but my orange bowl folded in well.

From Miscellaneous

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