Plans Get Changed

I designed a new braid which was to include some wonderful hand-dyed, loosely spun mohair I purchased (from Kai Mohair) along with some Japanese silk. The mohair was so ‘boisterous’ it completely overpowered the silk. It really wanted to be its own braid and not be shared. I managed to find a centerpiece to complement the fiber and not seem insignificant next to it.

From Gallery

Unfortunately, photos can lose the subtle colors that can exist in fibers. There is a wonderful teal that is dyed over the brown which, I’m sure, is the natural color of the goat’s fleece. The centerpiece was something I had added many years ago to my collection of ‘it will find a perfect place someday’ items. Looks like it did.

Thanks Lisa of Kai Mohair. I’ll be seeing you at International Quilt Festival if not before.

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