Evolutionary Design

There are times when you start out to make one thing and it turns into something else entirely. I guess that is what is known as ‘evolutionary design’.

I found these gorgeous matte olive green and matte purple beads that I knew would be a stunning brick stitch bangle. The plan was to support the bangle with thick cotton cording. Well a few inches into the bangle and I realized this plan was not valid (there was no bending this piece!). Undefeated, I carried on and stitched a length of beads and filled the bead tube with cotton cording. After looking at the bead tube for a while I came to the decision that it could be the center of a neckpiece which would be held up with some wonderful braids made of purple C-Lon. As the C-Lon was also a matte finish, a few metallic strands could be added to the braid warps for a little sparkle.

That done, I now had a simple, geometric neckpiece with a bit of sparkle on the sides. Now I needed to balance the side sparkle with something on the bead tube. In my metal supplies, I found a wonderful piece of copper. The copper needed a hole and some patina. After that was completed, a bail to suspend the copper from the bead tube was required. A small braid to the rescue.

So now my bead bangle has become a neckpiece. I’m satisfied.

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