Evolutionary Design

There are times when you start out to make one thing and it turns into something else entirely. I guess that is what is known as ‘evolutionary design’.

I found these gorgeous matte olive green and matte purple beads that I knew would be a stunning brick stitch bangle. The plan was to support the bangle with thick cotton cording. Well a few inches into the bangle and I realized this plan was not valid (there was no bending this piece!). Undefeated, I carried on and stitched a length of beads and filled the bead tube with cotton cording. After looking at the bead tube for a while I came to the decision that it could be the center of a neckpiece which would be held up with some wonderful braids made of purple C-Lon. As the C-Lon was also a matte finish, a few metallic strands could be added to the braid warps for a little sparkle.

That done, I now had a simple, geometric neckpiece with a bit of sparkle on the sides. Now I needed to balance the side sparkle with something on the bead tube. In my metal supplies, I found a wonderful piece of copper. The copper needed a hole and some patina. After that was completed, a bail to suspend the copper from the bead tube was required. A small braid to the rescue.

So now my bead bangle has become a neckpiece. I’m satisfied.

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Weekend Fun

A great artist resource in Houston is having their Grand Re-Opening Party Saturday (2/16) evening.  The Texas Art Asylum has moved from their very cramped quarters to a spacious facility in the up and coming near eastside.  Check out the details at www.texasartasylum.com.

In conjunction with the party, they are having an artist exhibit and sale.  The theme of the party is “Bigger and Fuller’ and, in honor of that, I have submitted some of my ‘bigger and fuller’ pieces.

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There will be all kinds of fun events at the party and this is also a great chance to check out the incredible things the Art Asylum has to offer. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Bead Quilt Squares

For the past several years, at the Bead & Button Bead Show, there have been bead quilts. These quilts have been auctioned off to the highest bidders and the proceeds donated to breast cancer research. The bead quilts are made up of individual beaded squares that contain images of the current year’s theme. The squares are created by beaders worldwide, collected and sewn into quilts. The responses and results are always fabulous.

While the bead squares can be done in any medium, they must reflect the current year’s motif. This year’s theme is “Flowers: Stitching to find a bloomin’ cure.”

The majority of squares are done using the peyote stitch. Somehow, through the years, I have managed to avoid learning that stitch. Well, those days are over. I have taught myself how to do the basic stitch and, for the first time, I have created 3 bead squares to contribute to the project.  Yea!!

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