Artisan Bead Fair

Join us at the 1st Annual(?) Artisan Bead Fair. The Bead Fair consists of a group of approximately 15 bead artists getting together, displaying and selling their creations. There will probably a few components available. I’ll be bringing my bead mixes along with my bead and metal creations.

From Miscellaneous

This will be kind of a change of pace for me. I’m looking forward to it. Oh, and check out the venue. It is being held at the Antiques on 8 mall. So you have the opportunity to see some antiques on the way back to the Bead Fair. It is a very interesting place and should be a fun time.

P.S. There is a small lunch area at the mall for you to take a break and relax.

After the Quilt Festival

International Quilt Festival, in Houston, is over for another year. One thing I noticed was the festival attendees were smiling a lot more than I was and learning a lot more. Perhaps I’m on the wrong side of the booth. I’ve started thinking about how it might be to spend time taking classes, looking at all of the quilts and checking out all the exhibitors fun stuff. Next year – who knows!

Did have a chance to see a few of the quilts and, of course my favorite, the dolls.

From Miscellaneous

This quilt was my favorite. The amazing detail (done with pen and thread) is unbelievable. You can’t help feeling he (or she) is there with you. Breathtaking.