Been having so much fun with my metal patinas I thought adding some enamel bits to the metal designs would be nice. So practicing I have been.

From Metal
From Metal

Combining the two different techiques is great but also felt the need to have some stand-alone enameled items. The pieces that are not directly attached to another piece of metal need to be enameled on the back as well as the front. That adds another bit of ‘fun’ to the learning process.

From Metal
From Metal

Now need to continue practicing and begin to try working on larger pieces.  To do this, I’ll need to fire up the kiln. All the pieces done so far have been with a torch. I love to watch the glass go through the different stages before it finally starts to flow. Not sure I’ll be able to do that with the kiln. We’ll see.

But first, I need to read the next chapter of my go to book on enameling; The Art of Enameling by Linda Darty. There are a number of books available on the subject but this one has kept me going. Stay tuned for the next enamel installment.

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